Micro Enterprise Development

Samaritans Projects is committed to help the poor and persecuted in India to support themselves. Our Micro Enterprise Development initiative provides training in the running of small businesses and the giving of small scale loans. This enables poor people to set up micro-businesses, so they can make money to feed their families.

Because the poor have no collateral, loans cannot be obtained from a bank and money lenders usually charge exorbitant rates. By comparison, our loans are given with flexibility and low-interest rates.

Training is given in the basic principles of running a business; customer care, product quality and financial control. By giving this basic one-day training course, the chances of business failure are minimised.

Businesses established so far include amongst others: goat breeding, keeping water buffalo for milk production, chicken rearing, small village corner shops and mobile stores. There have been many accounts of successful micro businesses being established, with the poor enabled to feed their families.

Loans vary from £200 – £500, depending upon the type of business being established. Once repaid, the loan goes back into the fund in India, to enable the money to be reused to similarly help others.

Can you give a gift, no matter how small, to help others help themselves?