Hand Pumps

In the west, we take the provision of water for granted. However, in India it is a precious resource, especially in rural villages, where water is never on tap in the home but only available from community hand pumps. These draw on underground water and whilst the vast majority of villages have this facility, some sectors of the community are often prevented from using them due to persecution.

The poorest and lowest in the Indian caste system, the Dalits (otherwise known as The Untouchables), are very much marginalised. Although India’s constitution has officially banned caste-based discrimination, the practice persists in rural India. A result of this is that Dalits are frequently prevented from using village handpumps. Water is then only available from polluted rivers often miles away.

To help overcome this persecution, Samaritans Projects provides funds to bore wells on land belonging to local village churches. These handpumps are then made available to all in the community, regardless of caste or creed.

Each handpump costs around £500. Please can you
help us to support the poor and persecuted in India?

Every gift – no matter how small will help.