About us

What we do

Our project was established in 2006, originally to provide clean water to villages in Uttar Pradesh, North India. Hand pumps are usually present in every village but due to persecution some groups are prevented from using them.

The Dalits, the lowest in the Hindu caste system, as well as those who have become Christian,  are very often prevented by militants from using the community hand pumps.

Within three years of the inception of our project, we widened the scope of our work, changed our name to Samaritans Projects and became a registered charity. We now have a Micro Enterprise Development Project, as well as having set up several Sewing Training Centres, both aspects of our work successfully helping the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.


On our occasional trips from the UK to India, we take out second-hand children’s clothing and give them to the church to distribute to those who have very little.


Where we operate

UP (Uttar Pradesh) is the northern province of India and covers about 7% of the total area of India, an area the size of the UK. It has a population of over 200 million and it is estimated that 59 million people live below the poverty line. If UP was a separate country, it would be the world’s fifth most populous nation. UP has often been called an under-achieving state with a literacy rate of 56% and yet it has produced 8 Prime Ministers.